Happy New Year!  2016 marks a 5th year in business for Freaks And Geeks Tattoo Studio.  We are a full service tattoo studio.  We are a custom tattoo studio that attempts to blend the quality of a high end custom tattoo studio with the energy of a street shop.  We execute tattoos in a traditional manner so we know they will last a lifetime.  We work by appointment and on a walk-in basis.  Medium and large tattoos require a consultation prior to making an appointment.  Small tattoos can be done by appointment or as a walk in.  However, please note, walk-ins are accepted “as available,” please call the shop to inquire as to our availability.  If you know you want to be tattooed by a certain artist, please schedule an appointment.  All appointments require a non-refundable deposit, that come off the price of the tattoo.  At Freaks And Geeks Tattoo, we can usually get you tattooed in less than two weeks.  Sometimes even sooner.  How can we do that?  Why are we more available than many shops?  Good question.  The only thing we can say is; we like to work hard.  We tattoo people as they come to us.  Rather than demanding our customers come in months in advance to set up an appointment, we tell them, please schedule your appointment two weeks in advance.  Don’t worry, we will be available when you want to get tattooed.  We believe strongly in customer service.  Get the tattoo you want, when you want it.

In May, we hired Brendon “Brendo” Carl.


Brendo contacted Freaks And Geeks Tattoo Studio for a job.  His timing was great as we needed a tattooist ASAP.  After a couple of weeks, it was apparent that Brendo was Freaks And Geeks material.  Brendo has been tattooing 8 years.  He is available by appointment and for walk-ins as available.

Brendo Darth VaderBrendo FlowersBrendo CompassBrendo Rose

2015 was an awesome year for Jason Sweet, owner of Freaks and Geeks Tattoo Studio.  He finished several large scale tattoo projects and continued work on others.  Jason works primarily by appointment.  However, he is available for walk-ins as well.  Below is some new work from Jason.

Jason Sweet birdcage  Jason Sweet Twin Dragons Jason Sweet Castle Cover up Tattoo  Jason Sweet fishing tattoo progress 1Jason Sweet fishing tattoo progress 2Jason Sweet lines

  Jason Sweet koi fish sleeveJason Sweet koi fish sleeve fullJason Sweet Cherry Blossoms